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7 Things 2017 Taught Me

2017: The year women reclaimed their voices, the year of the man-child president, and the year California experienced record-breaking wild fires.

When men and women band together over sexual misconduct allegations, good things can come out of it

With the rise of the #metoo movement, thanks to journalists like Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey, and Ronan Farrow reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s 30-year sexual misconduct history, women worldwide took to the Internet soon afterwards to share their experiences dealing with sexual predators of their own. Even men/actors like Terry Crews have spoken up as well about their own experiences with sexual assault.

Why do so many of us, as female artists, have to go to war?

~Salma Hayek

While the #metoo movement is nothing new, it’s important to note how it took so long just to finally gain seriousness to the masses, and how it wasn’t just the voices of women (that have typically been silenced for years), but the voices of men that helped bring more sexual misconduct issues to light.

I love this article by Salma Hayek!! Frida was such an amazing movie. I had no idea this happened behind the scenes.

Trump will remain a man-child always and forever

I think it’s safe to say by now that he is by far the worst president in U.S. history, as well as the most dangerously delusional. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and he is a joke to the entire nation. I expect absolutely nothing good from him and his presidency, ever.

Global warming is drastically altering our environment

From the decline of bees, to starving polar bears, record breaking summer heat waves, and fire after fire throughout the state of California, if you’re still in denial of our earth’s climate changes, then I suggest you seek help. It’s imperative now more than ever that people understand the threats of climate change and how we can help raise more awareness. Think about our future generations. How will they deal with climate change, how will they survive?

Miserable people will most likely choose to remain victims for half their lives

There are two types of people in the world: those that see the glass half empty and those that see the glass half full. While I always knew this, after years of trying to have hope and practice patience, I think I finally accept that miserable people will remain miserable people.

Most people will continuously complain daily on what they don’t have for years on end, doing little to change their circumstances and taking responsibility for themselves. Everyone struggles at one point in their lives, but many will choose to remain lost in a grey fog.

YouTubers are a lot like actors

The world of YouTube has always been foreign to me, but within the past year and a half now, I’ve come to realize that most popular and successful YouTubers are at times a bit dramatic, overzealous, and not afraid to push boundaries. It’s amazing how much YouTube has evolved since it’s inception in the early 2000’s.

I’ve observed that YouTubers are entertainers in their own right and a part of their own separate subculture that a lot of younger millennials really look up to.

Being a successful fashion blogger/influencer can eventually lead to going under the knife

If there’s one pattern I’ve noticed in the fashion community, it’s that many successful bloggers I’ve been following for three to four years now are finally getting lip fillers/botox, breast implants, and some have even had nose jobs done. Some are very minor, but if you have a good eye for detail, you can tell the difference…It’s a bit disconcerting that so many women constantly feel pressured to look flawless 24/7, and the fact that getting plastic surgery done is so much easier now than it was years ago.

What ever happened to just being you?

When I scroll through my feeds it’s as if I’m looking at clones of influencers wearing similar outfits, or getting similar hair cuts and hair color. Why is this? Could it be that false sense of perfection social media breeds? There seems to be this motto of “flaunt your best life ever.”

Or could it also be the fact that the fashion industry doesn’t really diversify its models/influencers? Meaning, I’ve noticed that many of the popular ones are white or East Asian.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she has a plastic surgeon.

Without the Internet, many creatives and small businesses would not be who they are today

With all the recent talk of Net Neutrality, I’ve come to realize that many creatives wouldn’t be where they are today without the access of a free and open Internet. The Internet has been a strong asset for many artists and small businesses world wide. I’ve seen people grow their small businesses in a matter of a year thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet.

Networking on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have really helped a lot of people expand their platforms and grow an audience. but with the recent repeal of Net Neutrality by the FCC, what does this mean for our future?

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