Women With a Purpose: The New Wave of the Alt-Right Tradwives

The fantasy of the domestic and obedient European Christian woman, or just an enthusiastic 21st-century cult?

Frederick George Cotman, “One of the family”

In the last year or so, I’ve noticed a growing trend of women on Twitter — the domestics of the Alt-Right and extremists of what they call, the Tradlife, or traditional lifestyle.

While the term is not necessarily new, there seems to be a growing number of women who have developed communities online, promoting none other than the traditional wives of America’s sexist past.

Whether this new wave is due to the continued racial undertones of the 45th president, such as continuously praising racist political commentators like Tomi Lahren, and the rise of white nationalists utilizing social media sites like Twitter, what is certain is that people of the trad-lifestyle are very serious in their beliefs.

By mobilizing sites like Twitter, the #tradwife, as they label themselves, are utilizing their social platforms to spread white nationalist ideologies, all under the domestic guise of be a perfect wife, and you’ll live a perfect life, but as long as it’s also a white life.

Nuclear family, 1950's

In fact, after reading through countless Twitter feeds, blogs, and threads of the Trad-lifestyle, people with sane rationality will eventually conclude that many of these woman appear to be brainwashed, and their way of life and thinking is almost eerily cult-like, especially with their emphasis on preserving the European race and disdain towards anyone that is non-white.

Lady in a Garden, Edmund Blair Leighton

The Typical Tradwife

Women of the Trad Life worship their husbands and their home, embracing the 1950’s housewife lifestyle and the European country women of prewar Europe. This means these women only live by traditional gender roles (extreme masculine and feminine archetypes), as well as the belief that a woman’s sole purpose is to procreate as much as she can (to also preserve the white race) and dutifully serve her husband and family. If she doesn’t, then she is no true woman and she is looked down upon and seen as selfish or corrupted by Western society.

Since a #tradwife is expected to act hyper-feminine, this means she will typically never work and is not allowed to seek a career. She must also obey and please her husband daily and is hardly allowed to think for herself, with some quoting,

I am thankful my personality type doesn’t seek out approval from anyone other than my husband. ~Altwestwife on Twitter

It’s no surprise that many appear to be opposed to technology and believe in leading a somewhat modest lifestyle, free of the distractions of the modern-day world.

“At the garden bench,” Hans Anderson

While this may sound innocent at first, the fact that many Trad Wives AND men even go so far as to falsely promote the “endangerment” of the “white race,” and are strongly against intermingling and producing with other non-European races, is what is so troubling about this community.

White women went from having 5 kids to 2 kids and this current generation has abandoned TRADITIONAL values by ignoring marriage and children overall. Very ashamed to be a millenial

Alt-Right and Tradlife people all long for a past that was once predominantly white and free of people of color finally speaking up for themselves and demanding justice and equality.

But of course, as with any other group of people, some don’t necessarily bring up politics and seem to only focus on the roles of the masculine and feminine identities.

Nothing says HOME like the arms of my husband. Being a parent is the most precious blessing we can ever get in life, children are the loveliest beings on earth. Having a family is truly my greatest achievement. When we have children, life becomes happy.

TV is full of degeneracy. Foreigners are invading the West. You act as all these trends are irreversible. They can, and will, be reversed. Try holding yourself to a higher standard and seek a husband who is a leader. Submit to him. Find happiness.

Still, there’s no ignoring that many of these women and the men that support the Tradlife use hashtags like white genocide, white pride, or white culture, and even the hashtag, homeschoolordie, because many do not want their children in public schools, believing it will “corrupt” them. They want their children to remain as ignorant as themselves and never learn to think for themselves. That is the mindset of the Alt-Right and Tradlife people.

What the Trad wives and Trad men want is to preserve the European race because they feel that their “whiteness” is being threatened now that more than ever, people are continuously speaking up about racial injustice here in 21st-century America.

The Alt-Right and Tradlife-stylers feel as if they are being personally attacked and victimized when in reality, people of color have felt this way for centuries and all we’re ever told is “to just get over it.”

Alt-Right extremists and Tradlife-stylers all seem to be in denial of their racism, but it is indeed there, and at the end of the day, more than half do not wish to coexist with non-white people. That is exactly what makes their views so dangerous and mind-boggling.

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