‘You’ & the Pattern of Toxic Love

Sometimes two people are better off alone

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Penn Badgley & Elizabeth Lail in ‘You,’ now available to watch on Netflix

Fatal Attraction

From the moment Beck first walks into Mooney’s, Joe takes an immediate interest in her and describes her as if she’s a highly valued gemstone up for the market. He decides that he must know everything about her to make her his. From day one, she is nothing but an object and a prize that must be obtained.

A Toxic Recipe for Disaster

Continuing to mask his true self, Joe plays the doting boyfriend to Beck. He is completely devoted to her and needs her love and undivided attention to survive, and although she questions certain personality traits of his at first, she remains fooled and always comes back to him. Joe is the master manipulator. She needs him and he needs her, and quitting one another just means that they have to face the reality of their dismal lives again.

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I write and take photographs. Just another person on the Internet. Based in Los Angeles. https://nicomichelle.myportfolio.com/

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